Creating Great Visitor Experiences


Packed with inspiring examples and useful ideas, Stephanie Weaver’s book is a must-read for staff and volunteers.

Alice Parman

It is by far one of the best works on the subject I’ve seen.

Ken Bubp

This book will be a real eye-opener to any business owner, not just museums, parks, zoos, etc.

M.J. Daigle
Book: Creating Great Visitor Experiences by Stephanie Weaver

Book Description

Museum and other non-profit professionals have begun to realize that the complete visitor experience is the key to repeat attendance, successful fundraising, and building audience loyalty. Taking lessons learned by successful experience-shapers in the for-profit world, Stephanie Weaver distills this knowledge for museums and other organizations which depend on visitor satisfaction for success.

Is your institution welcoming? Are the bathrooms clean? Does the staff communicate well? Are there enough places to sit? These practical matters may mean more to creating a loyal following than any exhibit or program the institution develops. Weaver breaks the visitor experience down to 8 steps and provides practical guidance to museums and related institutions on how to create optimal visitor experiences for each of them. In a workshop-like format, she uses multiple examples, exercises, and resource links to walk the reader through the process.

Stephanie Weaver, Experienceology Museum Consultant