Golden Angels


Who would think that the love of animals and special recipes would make a great read?! But it does… the combination of sorrow and food goes hand in hand

Cecelia Johnson

Stephanie’s story hooked me on day one. It tugged at me heart and just wouldn’t let go. Shall I admit that I cried at least half the time…in sorrow and with happiness? A must read.

Lisa O.

A heart breaker with a hopeful ending.

Book: Golden Angels by Stephanie Weaver

Book Description

The day you bring home a dog, the clock starts. You know… that you will bury that dog. And the more you love that dog, the worse their death is going to hurt. You know it, yet you bring home the dog. Because having the dog and loving the dog are worth every second of pain when you lose them.

Stephanie Weaver invites us in to her and her husband’s journey with Buddy and new beginnings with puppy Daisy in her book Golden Angels. More than a tribute to a beloved Golden retriever, Weaver’s chronicle is a study of relationships–the author’s with her husband, with her animals, with her neighbors, and most importantly, with herself. Anyone who has loved anyone will find joy, empathy, and hope in her account of her life with Buddy.

Pet Loss Memoir: Golden Angels