In Dogs We Trust



I am a huge fan of Lon Hodge and his mission to prevent suicide among veterans and provide those suffering from PTSD service dogs. Each story has some nugget of understanding of why we trust in dogs and why we bond.

S. Hartzband

A wonderful collection of stories! I have never read a book that revealed the true nature of a dog’s heart like this one.

Ellen McCarver

When you add the fact that this ebook supports Vets and Homeless dogs, is lending enabled, how could any animal lover Not want it. I highly recommend it on this fact alone, but all in all, it is well worth having.

Book: In Dogs We Trust

Book Description

An anthology of canine unconditional love, inspiration and service by America’s best writers. Proceeds benefit Service Dog and Veteran Charities.

Contributors include Lon Hodge, a former EOD trained ordnance officer, literature professor and Veteran Traveler blogger. He is an award winning poet, writer and now activist for suicide prevention among fellow Veterans and victims of trauma.

Stephanie Weaver contributes a humorous essay on the antics of dogs and how they make us laugh.

Book: In Dogs We Trust - Gander